A lot of people growth hack. Superficially. The outcome — high bounce rates, low user retention & horrible conversion funnels.

We go deep. We understand the problem you’re solving, your current solution, and it’s product-market fit. Then growth hack.

The outcome — a tuned business model, endearing customer stickiness & relevant viral growth.

A lot of people just growth hack. Not us. You can tell.

Manu Raveendran - That 10X

Manu Raveendran


8+ years of experience in Product Management & Product Development through Design Thinking, UX Research, Project Management & Sales. Bicycle salesman – sold over 500 cycles in 24 weekends. Endurance cyclist – 3400Km covered in Bangalore.

Current Cofounder & Head of Business at Grinder Media. Former Product Manager & Head – Farmer UX at a Precision Agriculture startup at IIT Madras; used drones, agri-science & data science to increase yield. Former Senior Research Fellow at IIT Bombay. Studied Electronics Engg. at NIT Surat.

Gokul That10X

Gokul G R


Cofounded a Media-Tech company in college with 8 employees; launched a n/w of blogs with 1.5M organic visits in 10 months.

Current Cofounder & Head of Digital at Grinder Media. 5+ years of startup experience in Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing, and Community Management. User Growth, Lead Generation & Sales Hacking pro. Sold 300+ copies of eBooks on ‘Online Marketing’ & ‘Growth Hacking’ through online forums.